10 Week Challenge List of Recommendations

10 Week Challenge List of Recommendations

With any lifestyle change comes an adjustment phase; you have to relearn a new normal, make decisions and figure out a whole new ball game. Not only can it be difficult to know where to eat that fits in with your new lifestyle, but with a new focus on health, you often end up wanting to work with others to improve your quality of life.

Here at 10 Week Challenge we often get asked for food and practitioner recommendations. We’ve compiled a list of places we’ve eaten at across New Zealand as well as some local practitioners that both of us have tried and tested. Since we’re Christchurch locals, you’ll notice most of our recommendations are for here, but we hope you find this list helpful too!



When it comes to food, there are loads of places to go and you can easily make good choices. The main thing we recommend is sticking to gluten free (reminding your host you’re gluten free is a good idea too!), as well as sugar free where possible. Anywhere you can get meat and vegetables or salad is a good option. Most places are getting better and better at catering for gluten free – but our biggest tip is to look at the menu ahead of time! Also, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Want salad instead of fries? Just ask! Most places are happy to do this for you. Reserve dessert for the most special occasions – or for birthdays, be like Elora and take your own paleo cake!

We’ve compiled this list of our favourites eateries in Christchurch, and places that we have tried around New Zealand that cater well to our lifestyle – they aren’t necessarily ‘paleo’ however they have good real food, gluten free or whole food options.


Hello Sunday – Elora loves their Eggs Benedict!
Old Vicarage – Incredible range of paleo friendly and gluten free meals to choose from
King of Snake
Mama Hooch
Bootleg BBQ
@Tony’s Teppanyaki – their all you can eat Teppanyaki Mon-Thurs is amazing!)
Burger Fuel (Low-carborator!)
Hinton’s Vineyard – Sara’s fav
Costas Taverna

Little Bird Unbakery
Burger Burger – Lettuce wrap or a ‘bunnace’ is a must!
Dear Jervois
Major Sprout
Eight Restaurant 

Two Birds Eatery
Madam Woo

VanGuard Eatery
The Corner Store Cafe

Spruce Goose
Gauchos Brazilian BBQ

Comes and Goes
Chameleon InterContinental – expensive but incredible!

Christchurch Practitioners

General Practitioner
Dr Victoria Flight – ProMed

Amelia Stafford – The Herb Centre
Patricia Whitfield – The Herbal Dispensary

Allergy & Sensitivity Testing
Maria or Vanessa – The Herb Centre – BioResonance Testing

Samira Sultan-Rouse – Loft Beauty Lounge (a great holistic focus on skincare with incredible products and services)

Josh Dowdle – Fundamental (massage therapy)
Tayla – True Vanity (relaxation)
Tina – Garden City Health (deep tissue)

Body Adjustments
Anna Everest – Garden City Health (chiropractor)
Mr Ono – Ono Sports Clinic (Japanese body fixing, amazing!)

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