5 top tips to keep yourself looking young!

5 top tips to keep yourself looking young!

No one over 20 years old wants to look like they are older than they are! When it comes to looking youthful diet and lifestyle are the key to success. What are our top 5 tips?

Here are the top 5 things that the 10 Week Challenge Team recommends you do to stay looking young:

  1. Avoid sugar – Sugar attaches itself to any protein in the body and produces harmful molecules called ‘advanced glycation end products’. These reduce the effectiveness of elastin and collagen, proteins in the skin that help maintain its youthful appearance. We also know that too much sugar isn’t good for our health and waistlines! So limiting added sugars plus sugary products is essential.

  2. Avoid alcohol – Alcohol can make you age faster by causing wrinkles. This includes premature wrinkles, loss of collagen, elasticity, redness, dehydration and puffiness. However, it’s the amount and frequency of your drinking that really matters so only drink a little, once in awhile.

  3. Sleep 7-8 hours a night – Research has found that people who didn’t sleep well exhibit more signs of skin aging including fine lines, uneven pigmentation and reduced skin elasticity. Sleep is the time when the body repairs itself, so when you don’t get enough – you skin is unable to rejuvenate like it should! Lack of sleep is also associated with obesity – therefore two very good reasons to sleep more.

  4. Use sunscreen – Getting some daily Vitamin D is essential for good health and well being. Exposing your body to the sunlight, 15-30 minutes a day is what you want to aim for. If you are in New Zealand and other countries that have poor ozone protection, then obviously avoiding those peak burning times between 11am and 1pm is a must. However, too much sun will damage the delicate skin on your face making is dry, causing sunspots and the appearance of more wrinkles. Prevent this and stay looking youthful by using a daily sunscreen on your face as part of your daily skincare routine.

  5. Don’t have children! – It may seem like a silly thing to say but all parents know it’s true. The lack of sleep, busy lifestyle and inevitable stress that comes with children – will make you look older. If you are like me and it’s too late – it’s time to get the above 4 tips spot on! If you haven’t had children yet, be prepared for the reality that is children and get the above 4 tips spot on now 😉

So there you have it – all pretty simple and easy to achieve right? If you don’t think so and you need support to work on these food and lifestyle tips – the 10WeekChallenge.co.nz is a great place to start!

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