We understand that you are probably sick of trying the latest fad diets in order to achieve weight loss and/or good health! So we want this to be your last – the 10 Week Challenge is different because?

  • We know that consistency is the key to long term success, the 10 Week Challenge encourages you to focus on long term nutrition choices – this isn’t a short term diet.
  • We assess your lifestyle and help you make important healthy changes – it’s not just about what you eat and how much you exercise. We promise!
  • Our nutrition assessment provides tailored advice that is individual to you, not generic.
  • Our meal plans are simple and designed for the whole family – no crazy ingredients. We have also kept budget in mind when we planned them.
  • We know you are time short so meal preparation and planning has been kept to a minimum!
  • The 10 Week Challenge is about providing a supportive environment, we will never tell you off if you make a not so good food choice.
  • Most importantly, Sara and Elora want you to succeed and will support you in any way they can. You can email them personally and they will reply personally.

You can read what others have said about the 10 Week Challenge here.

Yes, our programs have shopping lists! Shopping lists are designed for the participant only for breakfast and lunch, and to feed 2 people at dinner meals. For larger families you will need to double or triple dinner supplies.

Everyone is different so therefore results vary. The 10 Week Challenge looks at making life-long healthy nutrition habits, this is NOT A TEMPORARY DIET. We typically see weight loss around 500 grams a week however some can lose over a KG a week. During the 10 Week Challenge you will also need to address other lifestyle factors such as sleep and stress – these play a huge role in successful weight loss.

Yes – we have our vegetarian plant based meal plan option. It is a 5 week meal plan that rotates twice during the 10 Week Challenge. It is gluten free and has dairy free options. Please note, you join the support group and receive the same weekly emails as the other members who are eating meat.

The food is basic real food, nothing complicated or too fancy. We are also very budget and family conscious. Whilst the meal plans are strongly based around the principles of the Paleo diet, they are less restrictive. We aim for a lifestyle approach to food which means, we don’t believe in super strict eating behaviour or counting calories. Plus there is always room for treats!!! The meal plans are GLUTEN FREE.
If you want to know more, try a sample at a TASTE OF THE CHALLENGE.

The recipes in the 10 Week Challenge require you to have basic kitchen equipment including an oven, cook top, slow cooker or stick blender. Other items such as a food processor would be handy but not essential.

It is $79NZD for both our Newcomers and Repeaters programs, and just $49 for our Plant Based Plan.

Simple Tasty Nutrition, our 10 Week Challenge nutritionist, is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. But our location isn’t all that relevant, as all communication happens online. You can join the challenge from anywhere in the world!

Absolutely. Movement is more about the positive psychological benefits of movement, rather than doing it for weight loss. However, if you are unable to complete movement during the challenge, this isn’t a bit deal – you can still be successful at the 10 week challenge.

Yes the meal plans are designed to be family friendly and Sara is always there to make suggestions if you need to adapt them.

This is a very common question and the answer is yes. The challenge is about creating a new lifestyle, which means it will continue after the 10 weeks is over. Going away for business or pleasure is part of life therefore, there is no better time to learn how to handle it than during the first 10 weeks. We will support you to make good choices, offer suggestions and the support group is there to keep you on track.

Yes you can, however you will need to ease into the program over a few weeks as to not shock your body. It’s also essential that you eating plenty of food during these times, focusing on health and not weight loss. If you are breast feeding, the ideal time to change your diet is when you baby starts solids and isn’t 100% dependant on your milk supply.

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