Posted by Elora Harre | May 30, 2018
Debilitating Autoimmune Condition – Now Manageable!

This is Ange. Ange came to 10 Week Challenge as her last resort. You see, Ange once had a debilitating autoimmune condition that was making her everyday life hard. She'd...

Posted by Elora Harre | May 30, 2018
Rachel’s 10WC Experience: 3 Rounds in, and a 4th on the Way!

We are so privileged to work with many amazing clients here at 10 Week Challenge. We have people from all walks of life trusting us to help us make a...

Posted by Sara Evans | December 18, 2017
Creamy Roast Almond Chocolates

A great alternative to scored almonds, these chocolate treats are the perfect addition to your morning coffee. These chocolates are super creamy and you would never know that they are...

Posted by Elora Harre | December 15, 2017
Caramelised Onion Relish

Sometimes it's nice to have a bit of relish in your salad, on meat or even on a homemade paleo pizza!Caramelised Onion Relish - - brown or red onions (thinly...

Posted by Sara Evans | December 14, 2017
Paleo Christmas Cake

The Christmas cake recipe is gluten, grain free, refined sugar and alcohol free. This super quick to make Christmas Cake is similar enough to a traditional Christmas Fruit Cake but...

Posted by Sara Evans | December 12, 2017
Christmas Ginger Cookies

It's nice to have a healthy treat at Christmas time and nothing beats a ginger cookie! Whether you want to make gingerbread men, ginger cookies or ginger christmas trees -...

Posted by Elora Harre | November 5, 2017
10 Week Challenge List of Recommendations

With any lifestyle change comes an adjustment phase; you have to relearn a new normal, make decisions and figure out a whole new ball game. Not only can it be...

Posted by Sara Evans | April 29, 2017
What goes in must come out! How to relieve constipation naturally.

Constipation can be caused by foods you eat or avoid, lifestyle choices, medication or disease. Most people are unsure what causes their chronic constipation and need to go through a...

Posted by Sara Evans | March 27, 2017
Improve your sleep by doing this one thing…

The importance of a good night's sleep is universally recognised. At the 10 Week Challenge we consider sleep your number 1 supplement because getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night...

Posted by Sara Evans | March 17, 2017
5 top tips to keep yourself looking young!

No one over 20 years old wants to look like they are older than they are! When it comes to looking youthful diet and lifestyle are the key to success....

Posted by Sara Evans | December 6, 2016
10WC Guide to Christmas

With December now here, the silly season is upon us! Normally this means a month filled with social occasions involving drinks, nibbles, late nights and for those trying to keep...

Posted by Sara Evans | March 10, 2016
Primal Hot Cross Buns

Primal Hot Cross Buns - This recipe comes care of our Weight Loss Mentor, Elora - The Shrinking Violet. These actually taste like the real deal and are so damn...

Posted by Sara Evans | March 9, 2016
Paleo Chocolates

Paleo Chocolates - These little gems often make our day! They are a fantastic treat for you and your non-Paleo friends. Eat them as a treat to boost your brain...

Posted by Sara Evans | January 8, 2016
Banana Pancakes

Banana Pancakes - A great simple treat for you or the kids! And an excellent way to get eggs into your diet if you aren't so keen on them by...

Posted by Sara Evans | January 7, 2016
Breakfast Muffins

Breakfast Muffins - We are often asked for breakfast ideas for people on the go! Everyone wants something that doesn't take time to cook in the morning but still offers...

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