Debilitating Autoimmune Condition – Now Manageable!

Debilitating Autoimmune Condition – Now Manageable!


This is Ange. Ange came to 10 Week Challenge as her last resort. You see, Ange once had a debilitating autoimmune condition that was making her everyday life hard. She’d tried it all and the Doctors had run out of options for her. Ange didn’t come to 10 Week Challenge for weight loss; instead she came looking for a solution to repairing her internal health.

Ange is now down from 7 pills a day, to 1 pill a day, 13kg lighter and 44cm smaller. Amazing!

In Ange’s words below, this is her experience over the last 20 weeks with 10 Week Challenge.

“Hard to believe I was the size I was in day 1 photo. I’m now down 13kgs and 17cm off waist, 10cm off thighs and 17cm off my chest.

20 weeks have flown by and as I have said before this program has been life changing.

My day used to consist of waking up taking 7 pills for an autoimmune disorder that was getting worse by the years not better.

Since day 3 I found an overwhelming difference. No more visual snow, no headaches, no more burning stomach, no more rashes, no more swelling tongue and throat. Now I only take 1 pill a day and could probably stop that!

I didn’t choose to do this lifestyle change for the weight loss, but instead as a last resort since the doctors couldn’t control my symptoms and I had no quality of life anymore. On top of it all I was suffering massive panic attacks and it was taking its toll on my family.

I am super pleased with my results. My life has improved 100 percent and I tell anyone about this 10 Week Challenge that is willing to listen.

Not to mention the food is absolutely flippen amazing!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sara Evans and Elora Harré. You have changed my life x”

Simply incredible Ange – you are AMAZING! So glad you trusted us to help. Truly brilliant! Check out her full transformation photos below.

Want to improve your own quality of life? Do you have an autoimmune condition you’re struggling to manage?

Head to our about page to find out more, or take the plunge and sign up here.

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