10WC Guide to Christmas

10WC Guide to Christmas



With December now here, the silly season is upon us! Normally this means a month filled with social occasions involving drinks, nibbles, late nights and for those trying to keep up with their healthy lifestyle; often a difficult time!

But life is for living and none of us have time for food guilt, so we have come up with a few tips to guide you through the holiday season.

  1. Take a Plate!
    It can often be hard going into a setting where you’re not sure if you’re going to be able to eat what is provided. Christmas Day in New Zealand generally means roast meals or BBQ’s. These are great because it essentially consists of meat and vegetables. In these cases, we recommend making and taking a dessert that you can eat so that when the Christmas Pav or Pud comes out, you don’t feel deprived. Check out our recipe for Paleo Christmas Cake here! Otherwise, if foods you can’t eat are on the menu, take a dish that you can have! Kumara and Bacon Salad? Yum! Bacon wrapped Chicken Tenders? Yes please!

  2. Drink Plenty of Water!
    Ensuring you drink water throughout the night is high priority and essential the next day – especially if alcohol is consumed. Alcohol is toxic to your body so it is essential to flush water through your body, as well as rehydrate the next day. Drinking plenty water can also help minimise the symptoms from eating that Christmas Pav that your body doesn’t agree with!

  3. Make Time to Sleep!
    Sleep is one of our 10WeekChallenge.co.nz essential priorities, especially if you’re having a stressful time. We all know that the holiday season can not only be tiring but incredibly stressful, so your sleep during this time needs to be top priority to give your body time to rest and recharge. Sleep is your bodies time to heal, so make sure that you plan it into your day and create a bed-time routine to make sleep easy. We recommend no electronic devices 60-90 minutes prior to sleep, blackout curtains and dim lights in the lead up to bed.

  4. Know Your Options!
    Organisation is another one of our 10WeekChallenge.co.nz essential priorities and when it comes to staying on the straight and narrow, organisation is a major key. Knowing your options ahead of the Christmas work-do is a great way to plan out what you’re going to choose. Going to a restaurant with a set menu? Pick the gluten free option. Don’t be afraid to ask to make adjustments, such as switching fries for salad! You are not an inconvenience for putting your health first. Heading away on holiday? Check out the local restaurants in your area along with their menus so you know where to suggest when everyone wants to eat. Remember: your best options at a restaurant are protein and vegetable combos. Heading to a friends Christmas party? Ask what they’re making, and offer to bring a plate if you’re unsure on what you can eat.

  5. Host the Party!
    Hosting the Christmas Day Lunch or a Christmas Party is a great way to ensure you’re not nervous about your options. We love socialising and it shouldn’t be a time for you to feel guilty, nervous or uncomfortable. When Elora first changed her eating habits, she found it hard to go out. Nowadays it’s a lot easier, but she started off by inviting people to her. Hosting the lunch or party gives you an awesome opportunity to showcase your delicious 10WC food. Going for a traditional Glazed Ham or Roast Lamb Leg is an awesome option, with plenty of side salads and mini entrees. Don’t be too hard on yourself and include platter options for people to pick at; both of us love the ease of gluten free Rice Crackers for the platter, and we choose gluten free chips for the special occasions too! Remember, this is a lifestyle and Christmas is about sharing good food and good memories with your loved ones. Guilt isn’t an option!

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