Almond Flour or Meal

Posted by Elora Harre | December 14, 2017
Paleo Christmas Cake

Paleo Christmas Cake - This super quick to make Christmas Cake is similar enough to a traditional Christmas Fruit Cake but way tastier that even the kids will love it....

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Posted by Elora Harre | December 12, 2017
Christmas Ginger Cookies

   Christmas Ginger Cookies - It's nice to have a healthy treat at Christmas time and nothing beats a ginger cookie! Whether you want to make gingerbread men, ginger cookies...

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Posted by Elora Harre | March 10, 2016
Primal Hot Cross Buns

Primal Hot Cross Buns - This recipe comes care of our Weight Loss Mentor, Elora - The Shrinking Violet. These actually taste like the real deal and are so damn...

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Posted by Elora Harre | January 3, 2016
Courgette and Kumara Fritters

Courgette and Kumara Fritters - Having your own vegetable garden and growing seasonal veges is a great way to save money. In New Zealand, courgettes grow super well, so often...

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Posted by Elora Harre | November 21, 2015
Pork and Courgette Meatballs

Pork and Courgette Meatballs - Moist tasty meatballs for lunch or dinner. Serve with vegetable zoodles or salad. Gluten, dairy and egg free. - Pork Mince, Courgette (Washed and grated),...

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