Rachel’s 10WC Experience: 3 Rounds in, and a 4th on the Way!

Rachel’s 10WC Experience: 3 Rounds in, and a 4th on the Way!

We are so privileged to work with many amazing clients here at 10 Week Challenge. We have people from all walks of life trusting us to help us make a change in their life, and there are so many incredible stories.

Meet Rachel. Rachel is one of our Lifetime Members here at 10 Week Challenge and is now poised to begin her fourth round! Rachel came to us in October 2017. This is her story.

Rachel’s Words:

My 10WC journey started in October 2017 and is a work in progress.  I have just completed Round 3 of many.  How many?  As many as it takes to reach my ideal weight range, and then possibly more if I feel  like I need a bit of help to maintain that.
During my time on the 10WC I’ve had a lot of fun learning about healthy eating habits, and sharing the journey with others via the support group.  Eating the way Sara and Elora recommend is easy, and has made me feel so well that there is very little temptation to have a ‘cheat meal’ because I know the only person I’d be cheating is myself.  Eating crap makes me feel like crap; I’d rather eat the yummy 10WC food.
My progress each round has varied, with the most dramatic results in Round 1 so far.  Still, it’s a learning curve and I am still excited to see what future rounds will bring.  My total weight loss over 3 rounds is 16kg.  This doesn’t show too obviously in photos yet (10WC chime in – We think Rachel’s photos show a HUGE change and have told Rachel she is too hard on herself!), as I still have a lot to lose, but I know that with the help of Sara, Elora, the support group, and the 10WC eating principles I will eventually get to my ideal weight range.  In the meantime, I’ll keep enjoying the other benefits – a massive decrease in headache frequency, no longer needing antidepressants, decreased HbA1c, increased energy, improved skin.  I haven’t felt this well in years.
A summary of my experience so far:
Round 1: amazing!  By the Thursday of the first week I was feeling fantastic – so much energy and a huge improvement in mood (more on this later).  Results after 10 weeks: 11kg lost, along with a lot of centimetres.  Still feeling the energy boost, some definite health improvements (no more headaches, decreased HbA1c to name just a couple), and better self esteem now that I was doing something positive towards getting back to a healthy weight range.
Round 2:  I lost the 1.8kg I’d regained over Christmas/New Year (oops, too much bubbly!) and another 3kg on top of that, bringing my weight loss over two challenges to 14kg.  Not quite as dramatic as Round 1, but a fair bit of that Round 1 weight loss would have been due to the elimination of excess fluid.  Weight loss wasn’t the only benefit of this round though; I was able to stop taking antidepressants.  The brighter mood from Round 1 has been ongoing – I hadn’t realised how much diet can affect mental well-being as well as physical well-being.
Round 3: my plateau phase.  As I am making this a permanent lifestyle, I used the menus some of the time, and followed the 10WC principles when eating off-menu.  I know I am eating the right foods, but to keep losing weight I know I need to make some other changes – more sleep, less stress, more water, no skipping meals when things get busy.  Most importantly, I need to ask my hubby to hide the bathroom scales, as my addiction to those is hindering my efforts in following Sara’s instructions to eat more.  Yes, eat more!
Round 4? This will be about breaking my scales addiction and following instructions.  Watch this space.
Isn’t she amazing? So much courage and determination. With the help of us – the behavioural nutritionist and the weight loss mentor, Sara and Elora, we will be able to fine-tune Rachel’s lifestyle so she continues to see those results.
Want to experience this for yourself? Find out more here and see start dates and our sign up form here.

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