Testimonials from Participants

“I can breath! I was finding it really difficult to hold a conversation while walking, because I was getting out of breath at even a slow pace, let alone stairs (god forbid!) but when I started the challenge I tasked myself to walk every day and sure enough 4.5km a night later and I feel fantastic. I’ve got so much more energy, I can keep up better with my friends, and the sly 18kg that I’ve dropped definitely helped! “

“I have stopped taking medication for reflux, have gained a new found confidence and happier outlook on life that I haven’t had for a while.
I have successfully lost 10kgs but not only that I have lost at least 2 dress sizes and learnt new ways of coping with stress and what it does to my mind and body when I am getting stressed thru my work life over the past couple of weeks in particular.” 

“Last year I was diagnosed with non alcoholic fatty liver disease after raised enzyme levels in my blood tests and a further ultrasound. I started reading about the effects of poor diet on the liver and in particular the effect of sugar. On completing the 10 Week Challenge, I am now 9kg lighter and a visit to the GP recently for blood test results confirmed why I needed this change. My cholesterol is now within normal limits as are my liver enzymes levels – they had in fact halved!
I feel more mentally alert and present than ever before, my mood has improved as I feel in control of my eating and I am definitely snapping less at the family. Most importantly, for the first time in a long time I am modelling healthy eating to my children”

“I have discovered that dairy is a REAL trigger for my Rheumatoid Arthritis, within a few hours of consuming I am unable to walk. I have also been able to reduce my prednisone intake to 8mg per per from 15-20 mg”

“Yes loved being apart of it! Over all I have lost 7.8 kg and around 18 cm off my waist”

“I think people go into this thinking weight loss (myself included) but the health benefits you get overall is what makes me feel your challenge is tremendous. You both keep it simple and there is support from everywhere. Thank you so much.” 

“I am feeling a lot happier about life and have a lot more energy.”

“I have lost 6kg, sleep better, don’t feel bloated, feel so much healthier and energetic, and have talked to the DR about coming off depression medication! I don’t get stressed or anxious very often now – It is shocking to know that bad food can cause so many problems!”

“I no longer slump at 10am and 3pm and don’t live from sugar hit to sugar hit. There’s no food that I miss.”

“I didn’t realise how shit I was feeling because it was just the norm. Being on this challenge, eating better, then eating crap, made me realise that I was feeling all the time prior to this 10 weeks. I don’t want to go back to feeling that way.”

“Measurement wise I lost 34cm, the biggest amount was 15cm from my belly. I was pretty stoked with that.”

“So so excited & glad I did the measurements because it shows how far I am progressing.
Clothes are fitting better – however I hide behind baggy lose dresses & leggings. I cant wait to be able to start wearing more fitted clothing & feel ok doing so :)”

The 10 week challenge has been amazing, I was very apprehensive about how I would go but I have been amazed.

“Loved it, easy to do and I feel so much better. I have more energy – and my kids are eating better and trying new things!”

“I no longer get bloated sore stomach, I have regular bowel movements and I have my Period regularly again – never thought I would be happy to say that!”

“Years and years of bloating and constipation are gone, I no longer look pregnant!”

“Loved it!! I managed at least 80% and never felt better. I soon learnt the consequences when I went off track, suffering from bloating and cramps. Being a baker I loved the recipes and trying out new recipes.. can’t believe the amount of sugar we used to go through. Haven’t bought any for months.”

“Keep up the good work! It is such a genius challenge, I love it because it is not a ‘diet’, its not crazy eating & exercise, its not temporary, this is permanent, common sense, simple tasty eating that anyone and everyone should do! I also love how you focus on all areas of health, and healing your body from the inside out – which most people forget about when trying to lose weight. Its easy and I don’t feel like i’m missing out, in fact i’m eating so much better quality than ever before!”

“I no longer have IBS symptoms, I haven’t had the upper tummy pain at all for such a long time. I very rarely have panic attacks anymore my anxiety has settled down and my skin is sooo much better.”

“I think Elora and Sara are awesome. I think the fb page was awesome. I saw so much support on there and at times was emotional over everybody supporting total strangers. It’s a great networking tool and I can’t wait to do the repeaters early next year. Thanks so much for your honest factual advice. Xx”

“I will continue to eat this way – I have found for the first time in my life that I am not constantly thinking of food and finally feel that I am in control and food is not controlling me. 

“Your meals are easy and family friendly but at the same time so delicious! Your gradual adding in of new goals for the week works really well, makes it not such a shock to the system. I don’t think I have any complaints!”

“I liked that I can ask questions and get advice on the FaceBook page and that Sara and Elora are really involved in and easy to get in touch with if needed”

“For a long time I have had no confidence to even think about dating again. Doing the 10WC has given me that confidence to put myself out there. Feeling good inside and outside has certainly helped with this.”

“A serious improvement in my happiness. Since I’ve been suffering with PTSD and depression for so long I’ve kind of got to the point where I just accept the fact that everything is average. HOWEVER since doing 10WC my friends, family and doctor are all noting how I appear to be much more myself, that is the pre-accident me!”

“I haven’t had reflux since I started. My complexion has cleared and my panda eyes have gone. Plus I lost almost 15kg!”

“Life changing experience. I feel like this was the complete right stepping stone I had been looking for in the journey to achieving the body I want.”

“I like how flexible it is, I can still go out with my friends for dinner I just need to make a different choice. I also feel fuller than I expected, when dieting in the past I have always felt hungry and have never been satisfied with a salad for lunch.”

“The food, recipes, menu, habits and ADVICE were all spot on. Awesome. The weight loss was amazing, and I do feel better.”

“Before this, I’d do Whole30 and literally count down the days until I was allowed to eat off plan. With 10WC is so much more attainable that I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.”

“I now have realised how food and sleep were affecting my mental health. It was making me feel physically sick. I have discovered a lot about myself and genuinely thank you both. I don’t think you realise the impact you’re having on people’s lives. I really mean that, thank you.”

“I have more energy. It has been great for my mental health, because i feel more in control of my life. And I am no longer pre-diabetic. Yay!”

“I actually had constant digestive upsets for about 10 years, I always put it down to having my gall bladder out however, since starting this eating plan and high fat too, its completely gone. I also suffer flushing rosacea and its much improved, a nice side benefit”

“Thanks so much for your assessment feedback – this is a great tool to have it all personalised :-)”

“The food and recipes are great. I love that they are simple tasty recipes without a cast of a thousand ingredients that can be put together quickly when life is busy.”

“Previously I experienced uncomfortable bloating after eating. I no longer experience this!”

“I really enjoyed the challenge! I have learnt so much more than I anticipated. I started it with one goal in mind – to lose weight – but gained so much more! A better understanding of my relationship with food and it has left me feeling stronger physically, emotionally and mentally”

“Energy. I just feel so much more alive. I have pep in my step and I don’t need a nap during the day anymore. Life is so much more enjoyable!

“Am truly amazed how good I feel in such a short time. I am motivated, happy and feeling clear as aposed to sluggish and groggy. Loving the 10 Week Challenge ♡”

“Overall I am very impressed with your system and guidance.”

Is this way of eating now a lifestyle? “Yes for sure! It’s just a regular sensible way to eat. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated, doesn’t require super flash or overly expensive ingredients.”

“I have loved it. I enjoyed the support from Sara and Elora and the others in the challenge.”

“I have had a massive improvement in mental health, I don’t feel quite so defeated now … if that makes sense.”

“Not as lethargic. Mentally clearer. More focused on the good things. No more bloating yay!!”

“I have loved it. Experimenting in the kitchen and incorporating as many healthy herbs/spices/ingredients as possible has been great fun. I never knew diets could be delicious before.”

“It has been amazing to see how food effects not only your body in weight and measurements but also mood and attitude!”

“My health results are amazing! I have no bloated stomach, my bowel health has improved 100%. I have learnt which foods not to eat which keep me on the healthy track. Foods I thought were good, are far from it!”

“Yes, it’s been an awesome experience! I feel healthier, less tired, skin looks better and feel less stressed.”

“Its a great programme and has really worked for me. Thanks so much.”

“I have had no stomach pains and my bowels are ‘normal’ again. I am also a brighter person and now sleep at night!”

“The support group has been so super super helpful and friendly :)”

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