It helped my family!

It helped my family!

“My 10WC challenge began on a whim, one of those last ditch attempts at weight loss – like a million before it that would always fail and leave me feeling more desperate than before! This time was different though, it quickly became so much more than just being about numbers on the scale and losing weight. My physical and emotional health have improved tenfold and yes the number on the scales does continue to drop too but what is even more satisfying to me is knowing not only have I changed my whole life for the better I have improved my children’s lives too! As much as it pained me to admit I was passing my bad habits onto my kids, feeding them lots of “convenience” foods to fit in around our busy lives. Not enough fruit and vegetables and way too much processed food and takeaways. My oldest daughter was starting to get a bit of a tummy, was not very active and was suffering from eczema and frequent sore tummy, not to mention she was a ridiculously fussy eater! Now I am pleased to say her sore tummy is gone, eczema is gone, she’s so much more active, she is so much less fussy about foods and in fact will often request the healthier option rather than “junk food”, we’ve also had to dig out all last year’s clothes because all her other stuff is too big now! It’s amazing how many comments we are both getting about how great we look. I am so immensely proud that both of my girls will now grow up in a house that role models a healthy and harmonious relationship with food. The 10 week challenge is the best thing I have ever done for myself AND my family. Do it for yourself and do it for your kids! ❤

Zoe, March 2016.


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