“My Paleo journey started in January 2014. Before that I had tried for many years to lose weight and had tried different diets and been to several dieticians to no avail. In December 2013 I saw an orthopaedic surgeon about having a hip replacement. He told me very bluntly that he would not do the surgery because I was obese. My reply was, in that case I would never have the surgery because I had tried for many years to lose weight and it hadn’t happened. He said that he would see me again in April 2014.

In January 2014 my daughter saw a flyer advertising a PALEO SEMINAR. She asked if I would go. I said yes ,if any one can help me lose weight I was more than happy to listen. My husband and I went along, met Sara and Elora and chatted to them. They were so positive.

My husband said that he would support me if I wanted to try the Paleo way of eating. So our journey started. No more calorie counting, no more weighing the food, no bread, potatoes or processed foods. I joined the 10 Week Challenge. Sara sent out menus and recipes and she, along with Elora have been very supportive and happy to answer any queries that I had.

In the twelve months that I have been on my journey my health has improved out of sight. I have lost 15 kg in weight (sometimes plateau – ing for several weeks), my blood pressure has dropped, my diabetes readings have improved considerably. One of my blood pressure medications has been discontinued and my diabetes medication has been cut in half over the year. My hip replacement surgery and recovery has been completed. Now I have joined a walking group and an exercise group. Because of my hip I had not been able to exercise for at least two years. The clothes in my wardrobe that have stretched over the year have gone to the clothing bin.

With all these positive gains I am happy to accept that Paleo will be my way of life for the future.”

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