Bree did the Simple Tasty Nutrition 10 Week Challenge and had amazing results! Well done Bree, Elora and I are are so proud of you.

Here is what Bree had to say about her 10 Week experience:

“I have loved it! From the start when I saw the first lot of menu plans I was like ‘this is something i can do’. The food was real food, not processed, low fat, low sugar, chemically enhanced junk.From the very beginning I jumped straight into being organised and having all my meals prepared and it has made such a difference. There’s no reason to buy junk food when everything is already prepped at home waiting for me!The support group has been amazing and it has helped so much to have that to go to everyday to see how everyone else is doing. The first week and a half or so was a little tough as I got used to not having bread and pasta etc, but I can honestly say that I don’t miss it, and giving it up was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.”Unwanted body bits gone totalled 11.1kg & 38cm! When we asked Bree if she would continue eating this way….“Yes Yes Yes!!!!!! I love my new lifestyle. I feel healthy and clean and totally in control of my eating. I know how to make good choices when I eat out, and if I do have a little splurge (only VERY occasionally) then it’s ok – it’s life and I don’t kill myself over it.”

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