Do you have IBS?

Do you have IBS?

We have all heard the saying that “good health starts in the gut” and it’s 100% true. Good gut health translates into so many positive physical and mental health benefits! Therefore one of our tops goals at the 10 Week Challenge is to  improve your gut health so your bloating, IBS symptoms and other bowel concerns are reduced!










Here are some testimonials that tell of other participants stories:

“The 10 Week Challenge has definitely helped! Was told I was going to have to take Crohn’s medication for the rest of my life but I’ve been off my meds since Sept/Oct 2017. Only a couple of flair ups but they have been due to being ill or stressed!”

” I have struggled with IBS for a long time and since having my gall bladder removed it became worse. Now I have had no issues with IBS which have made it and my life enjoyable!”

“My IBS symptoms have pretty much disappeared and my skin is a lot better. I have noticed that dark patches around my eyes have disappeared.”

“The biggest thing for me is my IBS , it has virtually gone . It is so nice to be able to go out and not having to find out where all the public toilets are before I go , or get anxious about leaving the house , you can’t imagine the relief to feel semi normal.”

“I now no longer have IBS  pain or diarrhoea.”

IBS episodes about 3 times in 10 weeks – prior was a daily occurrence!”










“I actually haven’t had an IBS attack since I have been eating on your plans!”

“My IBS has significantly improved and my periods have become a lot more regular and manageable”

“The 10 Week Challenge made a HUGE difference. I was using the loo 3-4x a day prior to changing my eating habits. My stomach was constantly sore and churning. Within the first 4 days my stomach had settled, toilet stops were once daily if not every 2nd day. ”

“Stomach pain disappeared completely and no more rushing to the loo urgently.”

“AMAZING .no more running to the loo or sore tummy!”

“Within the first week 90% symptoms gone.”


If you experience any discomfort with your stomach or going to the toilet, you must give the a try!



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