What is the most important health change you have seen since starting the 10 Week Challenge?

“Way more self belief!! It kind of just clicked for me this time round- the intense dislike for my body, the lack of self worth and how it was connected to my unhealthy eating habits. And how eating the wrong foods has such a toll on my health and how it is all tied together. It has also awakened a huge thirst for knowledge about nutrition and I am doing as much reading as I can…even considering doing some study!!

I have more energy, less aches and pains and less hot flushes. I am still getting the sleeping right!

I really believe that this is now a permanent lifestyle change….and I cant wait to finally be the energetic active person that has wanted for years to be able to do all the things on my bucket list! The other huge thing for me has been the acceptance that this will take time for me to heal completely and finally I have quit looking for short term quick fixes…. YAY!!”

Lynley, November 2016.



I believe in myself now!

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