Improved hormones and weight loss

Improved hormones and weight loss

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder 🤦‍♀️

Is this something you experience? The symptoms of PMDD usually show up the week before you start your period and last until a few days after it begins. Most of the time they are severe and debilitating, and they can keep you from daily activities.

Symptoms of PMDD include:

🔻Mood swings
🔻Depression or feelings of hopelessness
🔻Intense anger conflict with other people
🔻Tension, anxiety, and irritability
🔻Decreased interest in usual activities
🔻Difficulty concentrating
🔻Change in appetite
🔻Feeling out of control
🔻Sleep problems
🔻Cramps and bloating
🔻Breast tenderness
🔻Joint or muscle pain
🔻Hot flashes

Doesn’t sound like fun 😟

This incredible participant below won her round of the 10 Week Challenge because of her involvement in the support group and commitment to our meal plans, not to mention her incredible results!

Not only did she lose 10.5kg but she was also became PMDD free during the challenge, a condition she had endured for many years! 😱

She loves her new lifestyle, and we can’t wait to watch her continue to kick butt.

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