This challenge saved my life!

This challenge saved my life!

Julie finally found an answer to her struggle with depression – and it didn’t come in the form of a pill.

“I started this challenge thinking ‘you’re going to fail’ and I truly believed that. Two weeks into it I was a new person, mentally I couldn’t even understand why I wasn’t hurting or sad/’depressed’.

Depression is a word that is often over exaggerated without any form of understanding. I should know, I’ve lived with it most of my life. Depression, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety these are the labels I have faced. Call it what you want, the only way I can describe it is to go under water, hold your breath longer than you thought possible and sink at the same time with nobody to rescue you.

This challenge, putting it lightly, saved my life.

The lack of sugar……..was a good thing! The days I did have it, I noticed and it wasn’t in a positive way at all.

I can honestly say I have managed my mental health and wellbeing better in the last 10weeks than I have in my entire life.

Is this a challenge or is this what life always should’ve been?

I spent my life avoiding pills, having ‘downers’ and not managing my mental health. In the last ten weeks I have managed to do the opposite and to learn to smile. 10.4 kilo later I can also gladly say that it helped my weight as well. I’m so happy!”

Julie lost 10.4kg during the 10 Week Challenge in 2016.





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