What Tracy says about the 10 Week Challenge:

“It has been fantastic, loved it, and it was easy. Both Stephen and I have really enjoyed it, it has challenged our thinking about traditional food guidelines and recommendations, helped us become more organised and I feel that my weightloss goals are achievable, it just doesn’t seem that daunting or overwhelming now. I feel this way, because I am happy eating like this. I don’t feel deprived or as if i am missing out on something really yummy. The food i eat now is really yummy … and i feel good eating it.

As I type I have tears in my eyes. I feel so let down by “the system”. I feel as if I have been lied to and lead down the garden path by traditional medicine and nutritional guidelines. I only wish all those years ago I had known it was as simple as eliminating grains and sugar, while reintroducing healthy fats.”


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